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Serving the Greater Memphis, Tennessee area and Mississippi for new and existing construction!

Home Analyzers LLC specializes in Home Inspections in Memphis and the greater metropolitan area including North Mississippi. We are committed to providing the highest level of professional, skilled service in the home inspection industry.

When you contract with Home Analyzers you will hire someone who is dedicated to looking out for you, the home buyer.

What you get:

  • Convenience: We will book your inspection when it is convenient for you.
  • Dependability: We will arrive on time.
  • Quick and easy access to information: The summary report is available within 24 hours. Reports are all saved in PDF format and you may download your report directly from our website.
  • Peace of mind: Confidence before the closing.
  • If you are involved in the real estate industry, whose reputation are you staking your reputation on? Home Analyzers is your trusted resource for qualified and professional home inspections.

You can request an inspection online. Just submit your information and Home Analyzers will contact you directly to set an appointment that is convenient for you. Submitting this online request does not in any way obligate you to use our service. We will contact you quickly to review your specific needs and timeframe, our fees and of course how the inspection process works.

Mailing address:
Home Analyzers LLC
1779 Kirby Parkway, #1-352
Memphis, TN 38138-0631







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